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Neoprene Lunch Bag, Eco- Friendly Lunch Tote Bag For Women And Adults. Waterproof Insulated Travel Cooler Lunch Box- Black White Stripes

Time To Replace Your Lunch Box With This Cool Lunch Bag!

Morxy has designed this red buffalo plaid lunch bag, a fashionable neoprene bag that will replace your lunch box and make your life easier!

The neoprene bag is insulated, so it will keep your food fresh for longer. In addition, it can fit a complete meal, since it is quite large and stretchy.

You will no longer have to carry your lunch in plastic tote bags. This lunch bag is the most practical and eco-friendly solution!

Don’t Worry If The Food Spills In Your New Lunch Bag!

Did your plastic container or soda can open?
Did all of the food fall in the neoprene lunch bag?

Thankfully, the neoprene lunch bag is resistant to stains and odors. So all you have to do is wash it, and it will be as good as new!

However, it is highly unlike that your plastic containers will open, since they will be neatly packed in the lunch bag.

The Perfect Lunch Tote Bag For Every Occasion!

There lunch bag will help you carry your meal around when you…

…go to work
…go to school or to the university
…go to the park for a picnic
…set off on a trip
…go camping or hiking

You can easily carry the lunch bag around thanks to the comfortable handles, and the strong zipper will help keep your food fresh and safe.

But the lunch bag is not only safe for your book.

You will also be safe, since the neoprene bag is nontoxic! Plus, you will be helping the environment since this lunch bag is reusable. Goodbye plastic bags!

Time To Place An Order!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want a cool lunch bag that will keep your food fresh and organized?

Scroll Up And Click The “Add to Cart” Button NOW!

CARRY YOUR LUNCH IN STYLE: Do you bring your own lunch at work or school? Replace your lunch box with this stylish red buffalo plaid lunch bag and you will never feel embarrassed to eat your lunch in public.
YOUR FOOD WILL BE FRESH:The high capacity and stretchableneoprenelunch tote will fit your meal, fruit, drink,utensils and tissues without any problem! But the best part is that theinsulatedneoprenebag will keep your food fresh and tasty!
TAKE IT WITH YOU ANYWHERE:Take the neoprene lunch bag with you at work, school, university, or even when youtravel or go for a picnic at the bark. Thanks to thecomfortablehandles and the zipper, the transportationwill beeasy and clean!
NEOPRENE WON’T FAIL YOU:Why is neoprene the best material for your lunch bag? Thisinsulating material is stain-and odor-resistant, as well as machine washable, so yourlunch bag will always be clean and as good as new!
A SAFE AND SMART CHOICE:This neoprene lunch bag is 100% nontoxic and, therefore safe to use. The reusablelunch bag is also safe for the environment, since you will no longer need to use plastic bags to carry your lunch box!
Price: $11.99
(as of Jun 03,2018 14:15:27 UTC – Details)

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